About LRI

Rahim El


Inventor of LRI Safety Wallet entrepreneur and dubbed “The Safety Man” El has been a bridge maker bringing people together to solve tough problems.


Mr. El knows well the rift between some law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. The latest press related to police traffic stops going wrong are becoming all too common with no real solutions offered by manner concerned.


In a very creative and innovative way Mr. El designed the detachable license, registration and insurance card safety wallet with both citizens and law enforcement officers safety in mind.


LRI Safety Wallet when activated before law enforcement officers exit their patrol car virtually eliminates distrust and escalation at routine traffic stops ensuring that everyone makes it on their way safely.


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Our Mission Statement

Foster Principles Bringing Community and Trust Between Citizens and Law Enforcement Officers with Every Useful Product We Design.

LRI Safety Wallet keeps citizens and police feeling safe – Giving Drivers Peace of Mind. Police and drivers will fair better when both are law-abiding and with LRI Safety Wallet activated it will virtually eliminate confusion and distrust.


1. Activate LRI Safety Wallet before the officers exits their vehicle by opening your visor then flip or extend open the wallet so it hangs down near the top of your hands. Fold it back when it becomes stiff during winter months so the officer can see all three documents.

2. Keep your hands and arms on the steering wheel at all times. After the officer notices your LRI Safety Wallet if he or she request it simply keep your right hand on the steering  wheel and extend your left hand upward to disengage the wallet from the visor all in one motion hand the documents over to the officer.

3. Keep your hands onto the steering wheel at all times even as the the officer is running your information. The only time to remove your hands is if there is some lawful reason the officer would like for you to step out of your car.

4. Lastly the other reason to remove your hand (left hand is to retrieve the documents from the officer) while maintaining your right hand firmly planted on the steering wheel.