Below are our frequently asked questions, you may find your answer below.

Why is it a problem to reach for my 3 documents when pulled over by police?

Police aren’t aware who they are pulling over in most cases and sometimes are faced with danger from someone with intent to do them harm. So LRI Safety Wallet makes them feel safe that your not needing to reach for anything.

Do I need to keep my drivers license int the LRI Safety Wallet at all times?

No, we suggest you check with your local laws where you reside, however we recommend you get a duplicate copy or photo copy and leave it inside the license slot. When traveling long distance simply slide your original license into the slot. Also remember LRI Safety Wallet is portable.

Is it safe to leave my drivers license in the car if I'm not present?

It is always prudent to keep ID on you when venturing out in public.

What is the law pertaining to making a color copy of my license and keeping it in the slot?

Each jurisdiction may be different. It is incumbent on you to check with the authorities where you live.

Will the police have a problem receiving all 3 documents together in the LRI Safety Wallet?

Some may, if so you would simply keep your hands on the wheel slide all 3 documents out and hand them to the officer.

The wallet is made of pvc plastic what happens in cold temperatures will it still open for displaying to police officers?

Yes, it will be stiff. However by simply bending it back before the officer arrive to the window will give you the required display needed.

How do I determine where to mount LRI Safety Wallet if the mirror on the visor is obstructing me from doing so?

Follow the instruction inside. If for some reason you must move LRI Safety Wallet closer to the center of the visor it still will serve the purpose to keep you and law enforcement officers safe.

How long will LRI Safety Wallet last?

The life time of your vehicle.